Puneesh’s mother wants to meet Shilpa first

puneesh talking to shilpa 1

Around 1:30 Bigg boss order to freeze. Puneesh’s father Enter in to the house. Puneesh’s smiles by seeing his father. Puneesh’s father walks to shilpa and says “ App sabko khilarahein hai lekin kudh nahi kharahi hai is time. Punish ki mami sabsey pehley app sey milna chahti hai ( puneesh mothe first to meet you)

Puneesh’s father Says vikas as Boss of the Game

Puneesh’s father comes to vikas and  Boss of the Game  “BHAHUT BADIYA SABHI APKO BOSS MANRAHEY HAIN  BAHAR BHI’

Puneesh’s father says  to Arshi that  Every one want to meet you

Puneesh’s father meet Arshi and says Every one want to meet you.

Puneesh’s father comes to Dadlani and says true fiend

Puneesh’s father comes to Dadlani and says Asli dost punish ka. Andar bhi bahar bhi. Then Puneesh’s father comes puneesh and break in to tears. Controls and come to him and say to take care of himself.

Puneesh’s father comes to Love and tells him to walk by himself

Puneesh’s father comes to love and ask him to don’t take support of hina and walk on him self. And you will go long way

Punessh comes to hina khan and tell her “sab se badiya app hain. Khel rahi ho achey sey khel rahi ho per sab apkey asso sey pareshan hai. Sab dhukhi hotey hain jab app rothi hain. Good and moves back.

Punish gets realisedd by bigg boss order. Puneesh’s hugs father and introduces every one . And every get realized every one hugs punish father and greets him warmly.

Again he comes to wash room and puneesh father talks to hithen to start the game and ask priyank to hold towel tight. When puneesh father comes to living room Bigg boss orders Punnesh father to leav the Bigg Boss House. Father goes out of the house.

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